Social circles dating

Many used such apps and websites with the highest levels of secrecy and were often reluctant to share details of how they met their partners.

“We had many mutual friends” was an oft-heard vague response when asked how the couple knew each other. The Singapore Marriage and Parenthood 2016 survey found that 43 per cent of single respondents were open to dating online, more than double the figure of 19 per cent in 2012.

Before you make any assumptions about who does the initiating, about 40 per cent of the conversations on the Paktor app were initiated by the ladies.

Mindless swiping, and even matching, will get one nowhere.

It may seem a little odd, but it is not uncommon for users to be matched with somebody and then have a hard time initiating the conversation.SINGAPORE: The online dating scene in Singapore has undergone massive changes since the first few dating apps and websites sprung up.Just a few years ago, Singaporeans were unconvinced that love could be found online or that making new friends could be a few clicks away.Online however, a psychological threshold must be crossed before dating app users agree to meet up – especially for those aged 26 and above.Traditional factors like education, age and race still hold large sway over who we choose to interact with in real life.

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