Ninja and yolandi dating

After that, she played the role of Max Normal’s personal assistant.In 2008, Yolandi along with Toit, Ninja, and her producer God started the band ‘.She cites the influence of Nirvana, PJ Harvey, Nine Inch Nails, Cypress Hill, Eminem, Marilyn Manson and Aphex Twin.She is a very talented South African rapper who has given a number of hit music in South-African music industry.Besides him, Yolandi has never involved in any affairs to date. Yolandi was born on 1 December 1984, in Port Alfred, Eastern Cape, South Africa.She was adopted along with her older brother by a local Christian minister and his wife.Furthermore, they released their second album titled Ten$Ion followed by Donker Mag and Mount Ninji and da Nice Time Kid.

She can attract anyone easily which has made a lot of her fans following.Being a famous singer and actress, she earns a handsome amount of money from her profession. In the near future, she will definitely grab some awards.Back in 2016, Yolandi along with Ninja dragged into a huge controversy as their music video was complained of being disrespectful to Xhosa culture.Sixteen was then known as Sixteen too: What does the future hold for this seven year-old? The 33-year-old South African singer, Yolandi is an unmarried woman.

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