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I suspect, in fact, that is how government game-theorists work out the psychological ramifications of future policy decisions.

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, had a Tinder bio it would read: “Hi ladies, I’m a grunting, glowering brute who lives in a shack in the woods. What woman doesn’t fantasise about a skulking backwoodsman who has named his genitals?

It appears in an episode of “Mad Men” as well, with Joan Holloway’s possession of the book causing a stir in the office due to its erotic content.

The 90-minute drama will be written and directed by Jed Mercurio and produced by Hartswood Films in association with Serena Cullen Productions.

When a badly injured Sir Clifford returns home and hires Mellors as groundskeeper, Mellors takes over from him in attending to other tasks, such as shirtless pheasant cultivation and wife-pleasuring. The short version: lonely Lady Constance Chatterley befriends an eccentric tramp who lives in the woods and with whom she has adventures. There’s not really much else to the plot of DH Lawrence’s novel.

Literary novels aren’t as dependent on plot as television drama is, which really makes them unsuitable for adaptation. No contemporary viewer can feel the visceral cognitive dissonance Lawrence’s original readers may have felt about the across-the-divide love.

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