Hook up site with no membership

We wouldn't join just for the social aspects or the incidental benefits like roadside assistance, which we've got coverage for elsewhere, or a free magazine, which we like but wouldn't necessarily buy.

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I decided, for our purposes, to compare only one aspect: If you haven't noticed - we're frugal.However, if saving money is the objective, camping at .00 or .00 per night sure beats .00 or .00.Of course, it will also depend on campsites being available but that would apply whether you're a member of a club or not.With the cost of camping in most of these areas rising to the point of crazyness, a 10% RV membership club discount is just a drop in the bucket.We'd rather spend the night in a parking lot (Walmart or otherwise) than fork over .00 a night to sleep in our own bed which is just as comfortable, no matter where it's parked.

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