Go weather not updating

Mobile version continues to work fine on my 8.1 Nokia, but the Win 10 PC version is useless.This app and widget is very useful and good for quick news about the weather however a while ago I noticed the life tile doesn't work when you enlarge the tile to the largest size.But please note that we receive hundreds of emails every day and it’s impossible for us to respond to every single one of them.

Link Id=822631 App came bundled with Win 10 upgrade. Always shows old data until app is opened and manually refreshed with home button. Weather apps need to show conditions in real time (or at least short intervals) to be of any use.This is an optional procedure to fix minor glitches and it might save you a trip to bring your device to a tech, they will still perform this procedure anyway.If you haven’t tried it yet, then follow these steps: I can play videos on You Tube, from my gallery, etc.This is a real pain and i wish it could just work as I used to. The weather tile resets from my city to Washington DC with every OS patch\upgrade and there is no easy way to reset to my city. Location services and privacy don't go together, so I need another option. Open the app & it responds appropriately with location based content.Overall a functional app with good format & content. It has a good UI and lays out all pertinent weather information nicely; however, lock screen support on WM 10 is so so.

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