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Potts comforted her and reminded her that what she had experienced was not down to her and noted that it was exactly what Stark Industries had once done when they were still designing and building weapons.The pair were interrupted by a knock at the door, Pepper Potts answered it and welcomed the waiter with their food.Aldrich Killian arrived and explained that he wanted Stark's cooperation as much as Hansen had.

The first missile knocked Hansen back and rendered her unconsious under the rubble.

Before the waiter could enter, Aldrich Killian arrived and snapped his neck before grabbing Potts and pinning her against the wall.

Killian demanded to know why Hansen had been at Tony Stark's Mansion and she explained that she was trying to fix the Extremis and needed Stark's intellect to stabilize it, and that Potts could be used as an incentive.

Hansen and Potts decided to hide out in a hotel room where they continued to discuss Hansen's research and she expressed her regrets that Aldrich Killian was using her ideas and designs for terrorism.

She went on to compare her experiences to that of the man who had invented the bomb used to attack London during World War II.

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