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I think it's obvious that you both have strong feelings about size as the photo was supposed to convey the feeling of the issue not represent every person that has it.I am an average size woman about 135lbs and I have struggled with compulsive eating since my teens.Apparently I use to hide food behind the curtains when I was about 5, so my mother tells me.

Please will do anything even trials I'm 51 and have had an addiction to food for as long as I can remember.This leaves us less equipped to fight off cravings or urges. This woman, young, pretty, slim, is "right," "good," and therefore someone others would want to look at, making the article even more attractive--so whoever chose the image might subconsciously have thought.You're dead right that given the subject matter and the nature of the site, it's an extremely counter-productive mindset, yet one that demonstrates the kind of pervasive, ubiquitous emotional stresses emotional eaters are chronically, nearly constantly, subject to.I have so much shame and self hate because of my disgusting appetite. I work out a lot and I must have a decent metabolism, but I have a lot of visceral fat that doesn't really show, so long as i suck in.There are plenty of "skinny fat" people or people who want to improve their health by eating less.

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