Doulton marks dating

c.1820-54 Any reference to 15 High Street predates 1839, the address was renumbered from 15 to 28 in 1838.

There has been no recorded markings for the Vauxhall Walk period 1815-1826.

One or more small marks are noted on the bottom through 1950 that seem to denote the painter(s) who was responsible for that particular individual jug, a mark of pride in their work.

About 1950 , the factory began using the registered design numbers with the lion and crown trademark and the D number.

This number is found is located to the right of the Lion and Crown trademark.

The numbering system began in 1928 so the numeral “9” denotes 1937.

Other initial modelers were Leslie Harradine, Harry Fenton, Max Henk, and David Brian Biggs.

Beginning with the 1930’s through the 1940’s , some character jugs had a date code giving of year of manufacture.It is said that they received this name after a song about a character known as “Toby Philpot” which was popular in 1761. Noke developed a new type of figural jugs, that became known as “Toby jugs”.The pitcher (jug) was made of a the head and shoulders rather than a full-figure.Each character jug has a name that is molded into the back of the jug.The earliest versions made the terms "potted by (followed by the initials of the artist)”.

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