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For example, the tag line -- "Watch as six sheltered women from Kodiak, Alaska, venture for the first time ever to the Lower 48 in search of love" -- is problematic for several reasons. Kodiak Island is the only Alaska locale we viewers are introduced to -- that's where we meet the women in the first episode, and watch them go on some awful dates with inebriated fishermen.

That's where the women will return in the sixth episode, with their newfound Miami beaus.

It was the sixth episode in a short TLC series where six Alaska women head to Miami, Fla., to dive head-first into the dating scene, thousands of miles from the Last Frontier.

The program is just one of dozens of reality shows spun out of Alaska in recent years. Instead of showing Alaskans living the rugged life amid scraggly spruce trees and wide, rushing rivers, this show takes Alaskans out of their element, transporting them to a different world, where viewers see how they fare among the people -- and the culture -- of Miami.

Both Bartlett and Clark have traveled to the contiguous U. before, and both had actually lived abroad, although Bartlett was just a baby when she lived in South Korea.

Bartlett was most shocked by the meticulously-groomed bodies and faces.

I spoke with two of them, Heather Bartlett and Sabina Clark, last week. Bartlett, a 29-year-old single mom, said she had "given up" on dating.

Now, she has a better sense of what she wants out of life. She was "open for anything different," she told me.

For instance, one of the women, Jenny, has a love interest -- referred to as "Don from Alaska," who she meets on Kodiak Island in the first episode -- who was real, Bartlett said.

Perhaps that's because overall, the women came across as low-drama.

No real bombshells were dropped during the course of the show.

Heather Locklear and Matt Battaglia join the cast as guest stars.

Cast in other leading roles are Brock O’Hurn, Kelly Sullivan, Brad Benedict and Brooke Anne Smith.

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