Dating someone with brain injury

Don't ask us where the last place we had it was. The thing is we have a brain injury and our memory sucks.

The chances of us actually remembering are pretty slim, so asking that question would be a terrible idea.

That's only part of it, everyone has to do that. The four things we need to pick up from the grocery store, yeah if we don't do that, we'll forget. If you want to be in our life, you are going to have to get that. It isn't that your voice recital wasn't important to us. We really can't help that we didn't remember.

We have to make a list of errands we have to run that day so we don't leave one out. It's not that we didn't want to be there to see you coach your first baseball game. In our defense, if we matter at all to you, and you want us there, remind us a day or so before. 3) Growing up, my mother had this super annoying expression that she quoted to me all the time, "A place for everything and everything in it's place." Now that I have suffered a brain injury, I actually find myself quoting those exact words to myself, and not in a sarcastic, funny way either.

It is hard enough for us to stay focused on one task at a time, throw in a second one for us to do with it, and we are somewhere between lost and confused.

This is the life of someone with a traumatic brain injury. This is hard for us, we aren't like we use to be. Sometimes we'll be in a fight with you and won't remember why.

- Working on a paper for class and having every little sound and flutter of an object cause you to pause; Every little thought that enters your mind is distracting.

God forbid it be an idea about the paper you are working on, you just about try and rewrite the whole thing every time.

Post-its, calendars, planners and our phone- between everything, we will still forget something.

It's not that we are overloaded with life, not anymore than we were before, but it doesn't feel that way to us.

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