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This show was discontinued in January 2017 and replaced with a new show called "Caddy", but Caddy has said that he might bring back the host character (named Quick J. is Caddy's newest show made by Cerys and presented by Caddy introduced after the Feb 10th 2016 retool which focuses on movies, new and old, with episodes released every Friday.

Jim (formerly James) "Caddicarus" Caddick is a British You Tube personality who hosts a Video Review Show, which specializes in video games from the Play Station era of gaming.

Each entry contains three videos, one for each game he covers.

Because these series involve non-stop videos back-to-back for three weeks, they tend to be more infrequent than Caddy's other shows.

The games that are reviewed in this show are those that Caddy had been playing recently, old or new.

This show used to be on his secondary channel, but was moved to his main one due to popularity.

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